Smart Shoe – Finally humanity invents the shoe that it deserves

Here is a patent on smart shoe. The patent was filed by an individual inventor called Frampton Ellis who is from Florida, US.

The patent claims a shoe with a sole which can be controlled using a smartphone application now that sounds amazing.

Now this is an important invention. Considering that the shoes that are designed to protect you may be actually harming you. And I am not talking about shoes bites. The shoe is not personally designed for you so it can make you walk unnaturally, which cause repetitive stress injuries.

Lets see how this patented shoe helps!

Meet this revolutionary shoe. This shoe can automatically alter the cushioning in different parts of the sole to match with forces that are generated by the foot pressing down.

The sole includes compartments which are filled with MR fluid. The toe compartments provide cushioning to toes of the wearer and the heel compartments provide cushioning to heel.

Sensors embedded throughout the sole measure the force and pressure created at different points. The sensor readings are wirelessly sent to the smartphone where they are processed and sent back to control magnetic field applied on compartments present in the sole, thereby changing the cushioning properties of the sole. As shown, the toe compartments are deflated and the heel compartments are inflated by moving the MR fluid from the toe compartments to the heel compartments.

So, if the heel portion of the feet is under more pressure, then the magnetic field is modified such that the heel portion of the sole provides more cushioning.

The cushioning profile can also be changed dynamically so as to provide comfort in different conditions such as standing, walking and running.

The sensor readings are analyzed to identify any abnormal posture, gait or running style.

One example would be a condition called pronation of foot, which results in excessive lateral movement of the user’s center of gravity to one side more than another. This causes pain in the affected foot.

In case an abnormality is detected, pre-programmed solutions can be applied using the user’s smartphone and a cloud.

Patent Information
Patent title: Smartphones app-controlled configuration of footwear soles using sensors in the smartphone and the soles
Patent Number: 9,030,335
Issue date: May 12, 2015
Inventors: Frampton E. Ellis
Appl. No.: 13/859,859
Filed: April 10, 2013

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